Hello me, welcome back!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve taken a bit of a social media detox the past 4 months. There have been many changes here at MTO so let me bring you up to speed. I started a new job. Best. Job. Ever. It’s less than two miles from my house which is great. But even better is the fact that the company is fantastic and growing even more fantastic by the day, with yours truly managing its PR. So, you’d think that after giving up the Worst. Commute. Ever. I’d have more time to blog, right? Nope. Yes, I’ve had lots more time – but I’m applying it towards something novel – actually being a mom instead of using my time to write about being a mom. My other Best. Job. Ever. So that’s all been pretty exciting stuff.

But, since 4 months worth of life is just way too much to summarize in a blog post (thank goodness or that would be pretty pathetic) I’ll hit you with a ‘top 10’ instead:

  1. Orthodontics is expensive and scary.  All the things I hated about it as a kid are even worse as a parent because you actually have to pay for the torture that is bestowed upon your child.  Enter Exhibit A: The Expander. This is a lovely contraption that was inserted into Jake’s palate two weeks ago to help stretch his palate to allow him to have a proper and symmetrical bite. Each night, we get to take a metal spear that they call a ‘key’ and poke it in a hole the size of a pin head and crank it back towards his throat thereby widening the expansion device in incremental amounts. So that’s been fun.
  2. Turns out Addison is really good at rock climbing. No surprises there.
  3. Turns out Mathew is not so interested in talking. Early Intervention is becoming part of our summer routine. We’re still waiting for a first word but I suspect that with the amount of Mary Poppins airings in our household, he’s storing it all up so his first word can be, ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’
  4. Back-to-school shopping is in full swing. I highly recommend my favorite system for making morning routines even easier. Kids Hanging Organizer 7 Day Shelf - Girls Pink Floral, Stripes & Dots I got one for Jake before Kindergarten and just found this one for Addison which I love. On ‘laundry-day Sunday’ I line up their outfits for the week then in the mornings they can just grab and go. All other suggestions and products for back-to-school are gratefully accepted for reviews. LL Bean: you know where to find me.
  5. The McDonald’s mango pineapple smoothie is my favorite summer splurge.  Way better than anything that mosquito-infested DQ serves up. And anyone that  knows me well knows that if you can purchase it at a drive-through, it automatically moves up at least 10 spots on my ‘MTO favorites’ list. (A top 100 listing to be announced as a future post).
  6. My ‘I’ll-never-leash-a-child, that’s-just-barbaric’ stance (which I boldly claimed to iParenting in an interview a few years ago) is softening significantly since Matthew has pretty much learned how to scale small buildings. Seriously, the child is unstoppable.
  7. South Beach. Chris and I. August, 2011. Thank you IBM. And Camp Passo.
  8.  I will not be a hockey mom. I repeat: I will not be a hockey mom.  (But while I’m on the subject, if anyone has any hand-me-down equipment, we’ll be needing some come September)
  9. Why doesn’t North Reading have a farmers market!? We’ve eaten our weight in strawberries, corn and peaches this summer and I’d much rather support local farms! I’m totally doing CSA next summer.
  10. Best part about summer 2011? It’s only half over!

What’s been your best highlight of the summer so far?

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7 Responses to Hello me, welcome back!

  1. Barb says:

    Camp Passo is delighted to participate in MTO getaway.

  2. Barb says:

    The mouth contraption is truly horrific!

  3. Ingrid says:

    We have lots of hockey equipment after being involved in it since 2006. I am more than willing to pay it forward and lend out anything that fits Jake. Just let me know

  4. I didn’t know you were a Boston(ish) girl! I spent many a high school friday night at a “big ball” bowling alley in N. Reading. Ya, I was super cool.
    The Woburn farmer’s market on Sunday’s is decent and its right near 95, just past the cinemas, off main street.

  5. Diane Nuger says:

    Our Passo Family Reunion. It was so nice having Molly and Addison play together. You and Jennie need to keep it going.

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