Observations of a Road Warrior

I spend on average nearly 3 1/2 hours a day, three days a week in my car commuting to and from work.  Here are a few of my most recent observations as a Road Warrior:

  1. Why do people driving minivans feel the need to promote the members of their family in stick figure caricatures on a bumper sticker? If you’re already driving a minivan, I don’t think any further clarification is necessary. Plus, you are giving all of us other really cool minivan drivers a bad rap. Just sayin.
  2. If you text while driving near me I will roll down my window and publicly humiliate you.
  3. Are you really saving money when you wait in a line at the pump that is 15 cars deep with your engine running just because it’s 5-cents-off Thursday?
  4. The hash browns at Dunkin Donuts are surprisingly delicious.
  5. If anyone knows how to adapt a car plug for my crock pot, I could simmer beef stew while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on 93 North and have a hot dinner on the table when I walk in.  I’m not kidding. If you know an electrician that can help me pull this off, I might let you in on the patent when this thing hits QVC this holiday season.
  6. When the gaslight in my car goes on, I find the challenge exhilarating to see just how far I can make it.  And with my 5 for 5 record of never once running out, I think I’ve really got it down.
  7. I’m thinking of trying books on tape.  Any suggestions?
  8. Attention Verizon: There is one spot in the tunnel at the end of Storrow Drive where I always drop my calls. If you could have that resolved, I’d greatly appreciate it.
  9. I always give a courtesy wave when someone lets me merge in front of them.  It really pisses me off when other drivers don’t abide by the same etiquette.
  10. Is it gross that I sometimes finish my morning coffee that is still sitting in the cup holder, on my commute home?

Commuting sucks. There is no doubt about it. I sit in my car every day and think about the millions of other things I could be doing if only I had that extra 3 hours. But, as much as I complain about my horrific commute, I’m still the one that feels guilty. Because  let’s face it, while I have a few quiet hours to gab on the phone and listen to music, my poor husband is left getting all three kids dressed, fed and off to daycare, school, etc.  then does it all over again in reverse that night.

Chris, you are the real Warrior.

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10 Responses to Observations of a Road Warrior

  1. The Tats says:

    #5 is the best.
    Hats off to Chris, but it’s a partnership.

  2. haya says:

    Love it, as usual!!!! So funny! Love the crock pot idea. I’m surprised it hasn’t been invented yet!

    @10 – YES! Yet I do the same exact thing. From Dec – Feb I can call it ice coffee. Any other time of year – the stuff that helps me keep my immune system up!
    @3 – to save money on gas at the pump, I would suggest a mini car, not a mini van for a one-person commute.

  3. The Tats says:

    #10, though I hate to admit it, I’ve done it after the car has been at the airport parking lot and I’ve returned from vaca…but only in the winter…i mean really now. how gross would that be in the summer?

  4. Rebecca Paquette says:

    And is it me, or has the commute gotten worse over the last few months?! If the economy is down, the ramp from the Pike to 128 doesn’t reflect it.

    I feel like it’s all I complain about these days, but I have to admit the people watching is priceless. It’s amazing how many people multitask on the way to work – this week alone I saw a woman putting on makeup, a man filling out his agenda book, someone READING a book, and of course – the nose picker.

  5. Donna says:

    Laughed out Loud on #10.

    Btw there is a converter you can buy that you plug into your power outlet that converts to electric. I have one. Very handy for SO many things.

  6. Amanda says:


    Re: books on tape… anything by David Sedaris because he writes short stories that will give you a much needed laugh while you’re sitting in traffic!

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  8. Parry says:

    You’ll hate me, but my commute consists of driving five minutes and hopping on the Sausalito Ferry. I can work or read whatever I want as the boat lumbers past Alcatraz and then, in 25 minutes flat, drops me off in San Francisco’s financial district. Five minutes later I’m at my desk.

    A crock pot would be awkward for me on ferry.

  9. Great post. As someone in the Boston area herself, I can say that your husband may be a warrior but you are a saint for hanging onto your sanity despite that commute.

    I think you would like Sloan Crossley’s books on tape: I Was Told There’d Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number? Along the lines of Sedaris, as someone suggested, but much sassier.

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