The precious generation

I’ve always snickered at those moms who wait in their cars with their kids at the bus stop just because it’s sprinkling out.  My husband and I are firm believers that umbrellas were made for a reason.  Then there’s those moms that coat their children in Purell before letting them play at the playground.  It’s usually my kid that is the one sitting in the sandbox dumping sand in her hair while other moms whisper about her and her horrible mother. 

Yes, I have three children – and we all know that by the third, you tend to fret and fuss less over things and things that you  might have done with the first, like actually boil binkies in water before their first use, you laugh at by the third.  For example, in my house all food now has an automatic 15-second rule .  With each kid, I’ve added 5 seconds. My kids. My rules. 

But truthfully even with my first I was pretty laid back. I remember registering when I was pregnant with my first and thinking WHO actually buys a wipee warmer??? You mean to tell me a child’s ass is too precious to be wiped with – dare I suggest –  a room temperature wippee?  I’m not going on another rant about the ridiculous items that have come on the market recently for babies.  I already did that once.  I’m talking about those ‘precious’ kids that if it were up to their parents, would be bubble wrapped before leaving the house each morning.  The ones who at age 3 are still sitting in a shopping carriage with a giant fabric shield to prevent them from having any contact with germs. The ones that are allergic to everything so they bring their own special snacks to playdates because they’re “deathly” allergic to peanuts.  

Except, with a cruel twist of irony, mine is now one of them.

Yep.  Allergy testing confirmed it this week, following an episode where his eyes blew up to the size of lemons, he was covered in itchy hives and his mouth “felt funny” after eating cheese crackers that “may contain trace amounts of peanut.”  Thinking back, Jake never liked the smell of peanut butter so he never ate it.  And on the one or two occasions he had chocolate with peanut butter in the past year or so he did get itchy.  So I’d give him a little Benadryl and off he went. But with this last reaction we realized it’s time to get serious and have him tested.  Sure enough – he’s highly allergic. 

And not just to peanuts, but also to walnuts pistachios, almonds, cashews, dogs, cats, dust mites, oak, mold, mildew and pollen. 


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9 Responses to The precious generation

  1. Barb Passo says:

    Only it’s not so funny…especially when foods are supposed to be labeled for allergens and they’re not. for whatever reason, we’re a country loaded with peanut allergies and we need to be really serious the threat this is for those who are allergic. We need clearly labeled foods and people who are diligent about reading those labels.

  2. Kristen says:

    Don’t worry…peanut allergies are just weird. No one understands why so many kids have them now…and unlike most other allergies not bubble wrapping your kids doesn’t seem to help your odds.
    I am like you…trying to keep things pristine with two newborns literally blew a fuse in my head. Now, I am the mom who watches from the other side of the park as one of my children guzzles sand from a bucket (in order to keep the other one from getting a concussion from the swings). And yes, to the other mom who felt the need to tell me he was eating sand…it is the lesser of two evils and it WILL come out the other end 😛

  3. Kara says:

    Poor Jake, poor you! At least we live in a time when people are very conscientious about keeping children who have allergies safe…and it usually doesn’t require a bubble. Hang in there!

  4. Becca says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. My husband’s affectionate nickname is “bubble boy” because he’s allergic to just about everything. I find myself indulging in baked goods with walnuts and almonds when he’s not around. 🙂 Anyway, allergy shots worked wonders, so when Jake is old enough, it may be something to consider. And you’ll notice that certain allergens are worse than others, and certain seasons are worse than others. Lastly, kids are usually really good at checking food content once they’re shown how. I recently offered a cookie to a friend’s 5-year-old son and he said “does it have peanuts, because I’m allergic.”

  5. Sibylle Kim says:

    Sorry to hear about Jake. Thankfully (so far) we have allergy-free household. Unrelated, I have a crazy story to share about how thinks slip through the ‘mommy radar’ when it no longer is the first child. My family and I currently are visiting the grandparents overseas. When checking in at Logan we were told that Sonia could not leave the country as BOTH her U.S. and German passports had expired this spring. While I dutifully had renewed Alexander’s documents after he turned 5, I completely missed that for kid #2. Thankfully I had entered both kids into my German passport (interestingly not possible with U.S. passports), we hence could take her along. Now we need to get Sonia’s papers in order at the US consulate in Frankfurt before boarding the return flight!

  6. Ilyse says:

    I love your optimistic outlook and vibrant stories. So sorry about your little boy… Luckily, you live in an area where there is a lot of awareness about the issue, which should make it easier on you and your family. Interestingly, it seems that although exposure to germs is a good thing (in moderation, of course!) for keeping kids’ immune systems up and running, and allergies down, peanut allergies are just a freak thing. So many are affected, yet just theories as to why! Here’s to you and your family’s good health!

  7. Debbie says:

    So sorry to hear about Jake’s allergies. He is such a trooper and he will lead his life….

  8. Heather says:

    Stopping by from the Mom Blog Network. Sorry to hear that your son has an allergy to nuts. I haven’t experienced that yet, but I totally get what you were saying about 3 kids and less worry once the 3rd is here. I have just had my 3rd recently, so I relate.

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