From the mouths of my babes

We all have them. Those little one liners our kids say that are just too funny, sweet, smart, that this cult we call Motherhood can’t help but share with anyone including complete strangers.  Here are a few  highlights from conversations in my household this past week. I’d love to hear yours!

Jake asking me to rewind the scene from Scoobie Doo that he missed, because he was busy getting a popcorn refill:

“Mommy, can you please fast forward that backwards?”

Addison, overheard talking to her Barbies:

“If you don’t start listening I am going to have to flush you down the toilet.”

Me, after finding a Barbie head lodged in my toilet drain:

“Addison, here is a time out chair for Barbie.  You CAN’T flush her head down the toilet.  We’re on septic for Christ’s sake!” (Yes. Jews use that expression too. A lot.)

Jake, after losing his second tooth:

“Does the tooth fairy ever leave Legos? Can you email her mommy?”

Addison, after getting caught behind our sectional, elbow deep in bag of Doritos right before dinner:

“I’m not eating them. I’m just mushing them up for Baby Matthew.”

Jake, sitting nervously in his carseat knowing all too well his mother’s keen sense of direction:

“Mommy, you took the wrong turn. Again!  My camp is the next street. *sigh* Daddy never gets lost.”

Chris, later that night over dinner:

“Hon, seriously? It’s ONE turn off our street.”

Addison, in a heated argument passionate negotiation with her cousin Liav (who is 2) over a doll:

“Okay Liav, you can have the doll.  But I’ll be the Mommy.”

These are just a handful from this past week, but the list continues daily.  Knowing many of my readers’ kids I’m sure there are many more to be shared.  Let’s hear em’!

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9 Responses to From the mouths of my babes

  1. Janet Terranova says:

    Rebecca- I love your posts! They make me laugh out loud!
    Since it is flip flop season my feet are always filthy and I wash my feet at night. When Grace takes a tubby she has volunteered to clean my feet. Just this week Grace said, while cleaning my feet when she was taking a bath, “Mommy, when I grow up I want to clean feet”. I am still laughing out loud at that one!

  2. Lori says:

    This is an oldy, but goody….my son, Owen, who was four at the time, was at the dinner table. After several polite requests to “please sit down,” “please have a bite,” “please, don’t do that to your sister,” etc… I was growing terribly impatient. So when I looked over and saw him eating spaghetti with his hands, I very succinctly shouted “Owen, UTENSILS!” To which he indignantly said, “I’m not a tensil, you’re a tensil!!!”

    • Lauren says:

      Lori- My son, Owen, is 4 right now and your comment brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard.
      Becky- another great blog. Keep them coming!

  3. Ilyse says:

    My daughter, Avigail, was about 6 when her reading was at the stage when it all was just coming together, and she would read EVERYTHING in sight. One night, when she was taking a bath, she called me into the bathroom, for help. “Mommy, the shampoo isn’t making BUBBLES!!” she cried. I looked at her and noticed that her hair was bone dry under the dallops of shampoo that were running down her back. “Avigail,” I said, looking at her “Didn’t you use any water?” “No, mommy,” she replied. ” The shampoo says: for VERY DRY HAIR!!!”

  4. jenn says:

    This was one of my favorites!!..

  5. Diane Nuger says:

    Okay, I really can’t off the top of my head remember any but Jennie told this one on facebook so here goes: Molly was watching a slug crawl across our yard. She told me he must have an allergy because part of him is puffed up. Then she said, “Oh, look, he’s better. He must have found his epipen!”

  6. Jennie Goldfarb says:

    Molly and I were eating dinner and I asked her for a bite of her food. She replied, “No, mom. You are on a diet and I am having a growth sperm.”

  7. Laurie Lewis says:

    Abby, around age 2.5 or so, sees her dad coming out of the shower. Immediately pipes up with “Look Mommy, Daddy has a crayon!”. Last time she saw her dad naked.

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