Cancel the APB, MTO is back, baby.

I’m back. I know you missed me.  Here’s what happened.

My mom went in for emergency surgery on June 16th (hence the date of my last post) and so it’s been a wild, scary, crazy roller coaster the past few weeks.  But, she’s finally back at home now after a long ordeal and settling back in quite nicely. 

Despite all the hospital visits, the past few weeks have been extra special because my sister, her husband and their four amazing kids are visiting for the month all the way from Israel.  She met her husband there while studying abroad, and shortly after they married, she decided to move to Israel permanently and build a home and family there.  So summers are always extra special because it’s the once a year visit with my sister that we look forward to all year – and we both know that the time we spend together is what we’ll have to hold us over for another long year of not seeing each other again.

For the past 6 years or so, our first visit of the summer has always been the same.  As I pull into the small town where I was born and raised, and I pass the carved Indian face on the totem pole at the Little League Field at the top of our street – my kids know we’re getting close and they start to get excited.  I pull into the driveway of my parents home  where my sister always stays when she visits, and kids from every direction start charging the car hooting and hollering, “They’re Here “They’re Heeeere!” My sister and I hug for about 4 minutes then we pull away long enough to analyze each others newest crows feet, frown lines and latest hair styles, with plenty of commentary that only sisters can say to each other.  And this year, after our usual oh-you-didn’t-get-as-fat-as-you-said-you-did niceties she got to gobble up the newest addition to the brood, Baby Matthew who she finally met for the very first time. 

There are now seven all together.  Seven beautiful and amazing grandchildren that we have blessed our parents with. So although I’ve been MIA for a few short weeks, I’ve been busy building memories (and fueling up the blog pipelines) with lots of quality special family time.

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6 Responses to Cancel the APB, MTO is back, baby.

  1. Sibylle Kim says:

    What to say? Life is beautiful, but can also be so scary at once. I am very glad for your all that your mom is doing better and you have your extended family close by. Keep up the spirit. We all look forward to your come back, it is worth the wait.

  2. Ingrid says:

    I am sure your mom was thrilled to have everyone together. I love it when the cousins can just pick up where they left off. I hope you enjoy your time with your sister and that your mom is doing better.

  3. Barb Passo says:

    Definitely brought tears to my eyes! Yes, seven beautifully amazing grandchildren, two remarkable daughters…summer is too short.

  4. Kara says:

    Good to have you back at the keyboard. Enjoy the family time!

  5. Barb Passo says:

    Is there an emoticon for “brought tears to my eyes”? BTTMY? So bittersweet. Love your heartfelt description. You are an amazing writer!

  6. great post, Rebecca. glad you’re back.

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