Wordless Wednesday

In last week’s post I asked you all to submit your photos for this week’s Wordless Wednesday.  I received tons of wonderful photos but nothing could top the one I received from Donna Keller.  Mind you, this is only two of her 5 gorgeous kids – and yes she has not just one “match set” of twins as seen here – but an older set in Kindergarten as well.  No one deserves a MommiesTimeOut more than my friend and hero, Donna Keller!

(okay, so Wednesday’s might never really be wordless…) 

This ...food.....is....making.....me .....very......zzzzzz

Same goes for next week folks – comment here and I’ll email you for your pics.  Then, be sure to check back next week to see what I post.

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One Response to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ilyse says:

    OH EMM GEE!!!

    This two are absolutely adorable. I love how they are both in the same position!!! Sweeet!

    Pls post more pix!!!

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