The Curious Case of the Missing Lotion

The other day, as I was folding laundry on the couch, my daughter snuggled up to me, wrapped her little arms around me and told me that I’m her Best Mommy.  We have this little thing together, she and I.  I tell her she’s my Best Girl (an expression I can only use because she is my only girl) and she tells me I’m her Best Mommy.  But I had a hard time focusing on what she was saying because her breath smelled so sweet and delicious. Literally.  Sweet and delicious.  Like something very familiar.  

And then it dawned on me that her breath reeked of my favorite perfumed Victoria’s Secret body lotion.     

So, like any parent, I proceeded to frantically run around my house searching room to room like a lunatic yelling “SHOW ME THE LOTION,” hoping for the best but expecting the worst.  Mentally, I was already visualizing a giant bottle of lotion spilled all over our new couch or carpet in our newly renovated “no kids room.” (Yes, that is the official room’s name in our house. We have a kitchen, a family room, a living room and a no kids room.)  Living room would be okay, I thought as I dodged a Lego city Jake left in the middle of the floor, because at least it’s hard wood. But alas, nothing. No sign of lotion. 

So, grabbing my laundry basket full of freshly folded whites, I head up the stairs thinking her bedroom next because….

WHAMMO!!!!!!!!!!!   Laundry flying…….back breaking…….seeing stars……lots……of…..stars…..

I found the lotion.  And with her deliciously sweet breath, my Best Girl tells me,

“The stairs were really dry mama, so I lotioned them.”

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7 Responses to The Curious Case of the Missing Lotion

  1. Barb Passo says:

    This can be added to those lists of items that have a million out-of-the-ordinary usages!

  2. Janet Terranova says:

    laugh out loud funny-not the part where you slipped- but Addison is a hoot! You could write a book with all the funny things she does alone.

  3. Sibylle Kim says:

    Someone should study why 4-year old girls love to experiment with mommy’s bathroom supplies. My daughter Sonia and a friend where having a very “peaceful” playdate… after 30 minutes of absolute silence I became suspicious and checked on them. Sonia had found a half-empty jar of diaper rash creme (why did I not through it out, who knows) and decided that ALL surfaces in her bedroom needed to be coated with it! That’s one of only two times I completely lost my mind and screamed as loud as I could… and then started the clean-up job. There are still greasy spots a year later.

  4. Donna says:

    I wad so expecting to find the lotion in Matthews crib!

  5. Catherine says:

    that’s awesome! but of course!

  6. oh adi! i was thinking she’d have moisturized matthew. LOL!!!

  7. Uncle Rob says:

    I can not take it
    I am dying

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