In Pursuit of the Perfect Suit

Like every mom, with each new child comes new physical challenges.   I’m not talking about the physical challenges of sleep depravation, nursing issues (mastitis anyone?) or keeping up with a newborn when you have two others to chase.  As if that is not enough, I’m talking about the challenges of the wear and tear on our bodies.  For some unlucky women – not me thankfully – this is literal.  Sorry but it’s true. 

Let’s not skirt the issue.  Children can really do a number on our physique.  Case in point: I recently found this hilarious new site and was excited to tell my husband about it because I think we have a real chance at finally getting Addison the recognition she deserves. The conversation went like this: 

Me: “You have to check out this site. It’s called” 

Him: “What is it? Women’s bodies?” 

I know he loves me as much now as he did when I could wear a bikini with pride, so I’m not offended.  It’s true. But when people tell me, “You look great for having three kids,” I know what they really mean is, “Considering the wear and tear of three children, you didn’t fare so badly.”  Why can’t people just leave it at, “You look great!” But sadly, the caveat of having three children always seems to creep its way into the compliment.  

And now, with summer approaching this occupational hazard could not be more evident.  I recently went bathing suit shopping and left the mall with a great pair of sun glasses, some super cute flip flops (and of course couldn’t resist the matching pair for Addison) and even got a fun new beach bag so that my cute new flip flops and sunglasses will have a happy sand free home.  Did I forget something?  A bathing suit you say?  Yep.  Because four months post-baby # 3 it’s just not going to happen.  All the spanx, spandex and tummy control panels in the world are still not going to make me any happier in a bathing suit.  So, I’ll continue – probably indefinitely – in the pursuit of the perfect suit.  Because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. 

Note to readers:  Stay tuned for future post on my new diet.  

Note to marketers:  Size 8, please.

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5 Responses to In Pursuit of the Perfect Suit

  1. Ilyse says:

    Sorry. Size 8 gets no sympathy AT ALL from your size 12 and up sisters….

    Loved the “shitmykidsruined” site.
    Good luck in your pursuit!

  2. Kara says:

    Been there done that..there’s a mourning period you need to go through. Try Lands End or LL Bean, I’ve had luck there.

  3. OHmommy says:

    Funny husband!

  4. jenn says:

    I thought of you this morning.. I went to get my dunks and ran into my second cousin who is very handsome and all buff that I havent seen in a while.. He said to me “oh you look great, now how many kids do you have again?” and then he looked at my body up and down and said yeah you look great for 2 kids.. hahaha..

  5. Keren says:

    I’m 9 months post baby #3 and actually had to buy a skirt-type bikini bottom to hide my cellulite and fat-ridden bottom and thighs. I never thought I’d be “one of those” women, but here I am…
    Shopping for a bathing suit has never been one of my favorite pastimes, now it’s just another reminder of how much we actually do sacrifice for our children.

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