Wordless Wednesday

The best thing about having a blog is that I get to be  my own CEO, editor, publisher chief financial officer assistant financial officer and chief technology officer.  So I’ve decided to institute Wordless Wednesday here on Mommies Time Out.  Because I can. So I will.

Now I know for most blogs, Wordless Wednesday means instead of a post, they show off photos of their kids each week doing new cute things, wearing new cute things and looking, well really cute.   But I’d like to change things up a bit, because I can,  so I will.   I’d like Wordless Wednesdays on this site to be a chance to show off your adorable pics of your adorable kids, pets, etc.  Here’s how it will go down: If you comment to this post, I’ll have access to your email address so I can contact you directly to get your pic.  Then  each Wednesday I’ll post a pic, selected from the ones I receive from you my readers.  So, share with me your cutest, silliest or just plain sweetest shots and then be sure to check back to Mommies Time Out next Wednesday to see which one gets posted.

I will kick it off for this week with a priceless photo of my Matthew aka “Baby Buba.” This shot takes my breath away every time I see it. I can practically smell his sweetness and hear his squeaky newborn cry whenever I look at it.  It’s not posed – it’s just pure newborn baby sweetness in its most raw and natural state.  The photo was taken by my insanely talented and good friend, Jill.  For more of her work visit her beautiful site here.


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5 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Karen says:

    what a beautiful baby!

  2. Donna says:

    :). Classic!

  3. Debbie says:

    That button nose is definitely tell-tale, must be, totally… Passo!

  4. Keren says:

    Great blog! Can totally relate…

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