Coco the wonder fish

It only took 6 hours of packing and planning.  Sometimes I seriously think the preparation takes longer than the trip itself.  But alas, with snacks-a-plenty, fresh filled sippys, empty bladders and the minivan packed with enough inflatable plastic to float a small town, the family was off for a two day excursion to the “water house,” aka lake house.

Each Memorial Day weekend, after many warm spring weekends of my kids begging incessantly waiting patiently, we finally announced the six words they had longed to hear all year, “Summer is here. Lake House Time!”  And off we drove towards the little slice of heaven that waited for us off a windy dirt road somewhere magical in New Hampshire.

“Will my Scooby Doo fishing pole still be there?” Jake asked.  “Can we collect sticks and roast marshlellows tonight?” chanted Addison.  Even baby knew something exciting was happening.  We pulled in greeted by loving aunts and uncles and unpacked enough cargo to last us a month.  Before I even had their bunk beds made up, the kids were outside in their bathing suits playing in the sand by the water.  After more incessant begging patient waiting, I wormed up their poles and they were fishing.   This was a big milestone year for Addison because last year she was only allowed to “fish” with a bobber on her pole. No real hooks for a three year old.  But this year, old enough to understand how it all works, I baited her hook for the first time.  (Husband and I have  deal – I hook the worms, he removes the fish. I DO NOT touch live fish.)  And within 5 minutes she was hooting and hollering and jumping for joy.

She caught her very own, very real and very teeny tiny first fish.

She named it Coco.  Here is Coco swimming alongside Jake’s earlier catch of the day.

Jake gently poured them back in to the lake after a few minutes.

So, after a fun filled weekend of swimming, fishing and all around joy, we are home. Back to reality.  I must tell my kids a hundred times how lucky they are to have such a special place and such a generous family (the house has been in my husband’s family for three generations.) But I know that the words probably just go in one ear and out the other for them right now.  Until they get to enjoy the same sheer joy I feel now, bringing their own children here one day.  Then they too will feel blessed.

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4 Responses to Coco the wonder fish

  1. Barb Passo says:

    Jealous, but with pleasure knowing how happy everyone is in this little piece of heaven!

  2. Herbie says:

    Becky,dont stop this blog.Its going places you never dreamed of.

  3. Bonnie Alstrom says:

    Becky, I am sooooo going along with you on this wonderful journey. It triggers so many wonderful, similar memories of of my early days of “Mommyhood”…..Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  4. Debbie says:

    Way to go Addison ….. what a catch Coco was!

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