Out Night!

I thought you’d never come, Friday night.  I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m looking forward to a night out with some new mompals.  I even have a cute new halter taking its maiden voyage tonight.  I will soon embark upon my ‘getting ready’ ritual – a time aged tradition that seems to be happening less and less frequently these days and with much greater difficulty.  This means running around frantically looking for my favorite jeans.  And yes, even checking the 3 hampers of dirty clothes that are placed strategically in various corners throughout the house.  (and because goddammit, anything pre-baby that I still squeeze into after three kids is a blessing in itself.)

Husband will stay home with kids tonight which means a guaranteed meal-from-a-can and about four hours with the electronic babysitter we sometimes also call television, for said kids.  But as I guzzle my fourth cup of coffee so I can keep my eyes open past 10:30 tonight and while I heat up my flat iron which hasn’t been touched in weeks, I can’t help but feel a little sad.

Because I do miss the days when going ‘out’ meant a whole evening lined up of activities – when getting ready was a two hour process that involved glitter.  When drinks beforehand meant shots with the gals and apps somewhere else followed by a few different venues before we literally stumbled upon the best place with the cutest boys – with the best music and the cheapest drinks.  But I’ve had many of those nights already.  And here at home I also have a few cute boys to come home to.  And a pretty sweet little girl too.

So that’s okay. TGIF. All is good. Until of course tomorrow, when kids will be up by 6 and my head will be pounding.

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2 Responses to Out Night!

  1. I’m slightly concerned that your getting ready ritual ever included glitter, but you’re right, that’s a very cute halter! Awesome first posts!

  2. Ilyse says:

    Sweet! And funny! And I think the wine company should be giving you lots of freebies for the free ad! Love your sense of humor and descriptions!

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