I Can’t Blog!

I can’t blog! I have three kids, a full time job and a house that unfortunately, doesn’t clean itself. I just don’t have the time. The energy.  The fancy graphics.  But yet, here I sit, at the desk that I put together all by myself at 9 months pregnant (because I could, dammit!) to blog.  I can’t help myself.  Because with every day that goes by are new ideas that could have been shared. New questions that could have been answered. And new stories that could have entertained you.  And that, my friends, is the power of social media.  So together, maybe we can learn and share a little about ourselves. Laugh at and with each other along the way and – and get through this thing called parenting. Together. Unscathed….Just maybe.

A few Ground rules:
Typos are a sign of authenticity
Comments are welcome as long you can play nice in the sandbox
All give-always will likely be from my basement in the form of hand-me-downs
Attention diaper marketers: I am your target audience

Okay, so here’s a little about myself. I’m a full time working mother of three. My kids are Jacob; age 5, Addison; age 4 and Matthew; age 5 months. I am an Account Manager at a PR firm and while I don’t have a white picket fence around my house I do live in the suburbs. You’ll hear more about my kids in the stories I share, as they are my muse, but mostly I want to focus on the lessons I’m learning, the little ups and downs that we all face everyday and the shortcuts we take (good bad or otherwise) to make it to the weekend each week. I do not own any jeans with elastic in the waste nor will I ever but the term ‘sensible shoes’ is finally starting to make a whole lot of sense to me, much to the concern of my husband, Chris.

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6 Responses to I Can’t Blog!

  1. Unclue Rob says:

    I love this and look forward to reading more. Now that Uncle Rob lives 3,000 miles away it’s difficult to know my nieces and nephews are growing up without me watching. Especially, since I have yet to meet my 5 month old nephew. That has been the toughest realization for me. Although I am confident with the choices I have made with my life I often feel guilty for not being around to chase the kids around the house or get them all roweled up then leave them with their parents like the good old days. This forum is the perfect place for me to keep up on anything I am missing. So I hope you keep it up and post many wonderful pictures of those beautiful kids. I miss you all and I love you!

  2. Uncle Rob says:

    Typos are a sign of authenticity 😉
    Unclue Rob

  3. Barb Passo says:

    I enjoyed the trials and tribulations of young motherhood and the thoughts of what was left behind as one moves forward. As an older mother, I can tell all that the days of no sleep are not at all missed; however, the joys of “firsts” are. I enjoy reading through the words of a young mother what life is like for them.

  4. Debbie says:

    This is a great blog! The challenge to make it all work is one that all of us experience but don’t take the time to write about. Keep blogging…. it means a lot to many.

  5. Parry says:

    Welcome to the life of a blogger, Rebecca. You’re a busy lady, so this ought to be interesting 🙂


  6. Karina says:

    Wow!!! I actually know a real live blogger!!!
    Ilyse posted this on facebook and since it had to do with parent-teacher interviews,
    ( which I still attend) and sitting on small chairs (not anymore!!!) I thought I would take a look!

    Enjoy your children. Before you know it, they will be done with high school and on their way out to the big world.
    My father -in -law told me this when Dahlia was born and I thought ” yeah right”
    He was!

    Lots of love, patience and energy!

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